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Reverse Engineered: The Thai Chili Caipirinha at Kampuchea Noodle Bar

Seeing some cocktail recipes that included hot sauce today, I was reminded how much I liked the Kampuchea Noodle Bar in the Lower East Side. In New York, it’s hard to find the Vietnamese and Cambodian food (especially soup) that … Continue reading

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David Wondrich on Punch

David Wondrich, the author of Imbibe!, a book about the cocktail recipes of 19th century bartender Jerry Thomas, wrote a little teaser for his new book on The new book is about the history of punch. “And by ‘Punch,’ … Continue reading

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Tuaca and Whiskey

“What’s that?” I asked a bartender friend in Minneapolis, pointing to a bottle. “Tuaca? Some Italian liqueur.” It sounded familiar. Where had I heard about it? It finally hit me: a Gary Regan column in the San Francisco Chronicle. Regan … Continue reading

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The Magnificently Vile

Seldom do I smell a fragrance so vile that I get a sore neck from the violent way I try to remove my nose from the scene. A perfume can be too screechy, like a cleaning product, or too sweet, … Continue reading

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Drinking Out: Aquavit Cocktails at Clover Club

How is it that, after many enjoyable trips to the Carroll Gardens whiskey bar Char No. 4, I never noticed the cocktail heaven that is the Clover Club just a block down Smith Street? I discovered my oversight reading Frank … Continue reading

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Sartorial by Penhaligon’s

Penhaligon’s new men’s scent, Sartorial, was launched this month with a complete and satisfying story of its origins. The perfumer, Bertrand Duchaufour (an incredibly talented nose with an impressive portfolio that includes the Eau d’Italie line), used the aromas of … Continue reading


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Drinking Out: The Spicy Rita at the Pink Teacup

This twist on the margarita used cayenne pepper on the rim of the glass, which made every sip spicy. It’s from The Pink Tea Cup, a Greenwich Village soul food cafe that almost didn’t make it out of the recession. … Continue reading

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Perfumers Say the Darndest Things

Whenever a cultural figure says something terribly boneheaded, (some of) the public is forced to reconcile their warm feelings and positive associations with the figure with this embarrassing new information. In America, by now we’re used to broadcasters and radio … Continue reading

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The 21 Gun Salute

I’ve sought out strange flavors. I like when a spirit is very bitter or pungent. I love the earthy mustiness of Pu-Erh tea and the “disgusting” “liquid earwax and fermented palm fawn” flavor of Jeppson Malort. But nothing in my … Continue reading

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Del Maguey Mezcal

How often can a working man sip a $200 single-village small batch mezcal? And when could one sample a half dozen exquisite small batch mezcals? This was one of the pleasures I was looking forward to at last night’s Ultimate … Continue reading

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