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Single Malt and Scotch Notes

There’s so many whisky thoughts running through my head right now that I’m afraid I’m going to lose some of them. So I’m going to make some quick notes in hopes of elaborating later. 1. Mackmyra single malt Swedish whisky … Continue reading

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The Bufala Negra Cocktail

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What Do Men Who Smell Like Men Smell Like?

There was a great article on vintage men’s colognes in the New York Times yesterday, an article that celebrated a renewed interest in classics like Chanel Pour Monsieur (which isn’t available in its original form in America—something that Chanel won’t … Continue reading

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San Francisco and Cult of Fernet Branca

I stumbled on this video via Fernet Branca’s Twitter feed, which brought me to this article about San Francisco’s love for the minty bitter liquor. If you’re not patient, the song starts about a minute in, when DJ Pause gets … Continue reading

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The Appetizer Cocktail

“You know what this bar needs?” I asked my wife as we sat waiting for our drinks at PKNY, the Lower East Side tiki bar formerly known as Painkiller. “An appetizer cocktail. Something to tide us all over while we … Continue reading

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Drom’s 100th Anniversary and Hidden Skin

My first experience with Drom Fragrances was at the launch party for the first three Odin scents: two of Drom’s perfumers had created them for the Manhattan menswear store. I had a nice chat with one of the perfumers, Kevin … Continue reading

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Fragrance Exhibits

I’ve been puzzling over Sephora’s “Sensorium,” a 3,700 sq. ft fragrance exhibit in New York’s Meatpacking District. When Sephora’s vice president of retail marketing, Allison Slater, spoke to the New York Times On the Runway blog this week, she said, … Continue reading

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Garrett Oliver Talks Beer with Gothamist

Here’s a snippet from a great interview from Gothamist with Garrett Oliver, brewmaster at the Brooklyn Brewery and editor-in-chief of the newly released 960 page Oxford Companion to Beer. If you could wave your hand and make one beer disappear … Continue reading

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