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First Smell: Ben Sherman

When a big brand releases a new fragrance, it could go either way. Is it going to be a mass market crowd pleaser or is it going to try to carve out its own space in the crowded glass cases … Continue reading

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Top Ten Lists

As much as we complain about end-of-the-year lists, most of us seem to love them. Maybe they’re like pornography: many of the people who will speak out against it in public are voracious consumers of it in private—they just can’t … Continue reading

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The Smoking Gun

Could this be the new way to make smoked cocktails? I learned about the Smoking Gun handheld smoker from a reader who commented yesterday. It’s compact, it takes AA batteries, and it blows cool smoke with a little fan and … Continue reading

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David Wondrich: What Your Drink Order Says About You

Cocktail historian David Wondrich, author of recent books on punch and on the legendary bartender Jerry Thomas, had a nice little essay on listing what various drink orders might say about you. Here’s a couple of my favorites: Location: … Continue reading

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The Case for Small Bottles of Vermouth

Brooklyn’s Q Tonic is sold in four-packs of 6.4 ounce bottles. London-based Fever Tree, which also makes tonic water and other carbonated beverages often used in cocktails, sells four-packs of 6.8 ounce bottles. And while you can also get Q … Continue reading

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