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Derek Brown Shows Chainsaw Skills with a Cocktail Created for Lost Boys DC

Occasionally, my day job covering men’s clothing for a trade magazine and this blog collide in unexpected ways. In the latest example, a Washington, D.C. menswear store that one of my colleagues has written about a number of times has … Continue reading

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Mellow Corn Straight Corn Whiskey

After a friend confessed a fondness for cheap whiskey, I indulged an urge to sample a straight corn whiskey from Heaven Hill called Mellow Corn. At $11.99 for a 750ml bottle, Mellow Corn is cheap. Very cheap. But to my … Continue reading

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An Amager Rugporter at Beer Table

After maybe five unsuccessful attempts over the last six months to visit Beer Table (my last trip had been in June), the tiny beer and small plates establishment in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I finally managed to get in. Each time … Continue reading

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Jean-Paul Guerlain: master perfumer, world-class jerk

So perfume legend Jean-Paul Guerlain is in the news again for racist remarks. This time it’s because of an anti-immigrant rant at the Eurostar workers who helped the septuagenarian get his wheelchair to a London-bound train: “France is a shit … Continue reading


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