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Beard Oil: MCMC’s Number One Dude

When I wrote about beard oil last July (see What is Beard Oil and Why Do You Need it?), little did I know that it would be my most widely read post of the year. In fact, just today it … Continue reading

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Juniper Ridge’s Northwestern Backwoods Colognes

By far one of the most interesting exhibitors at this season’s Elements Showcase fragrance trade show was Juniper Ridge. It’s a small brand that’s run by backpackers who harvest things like wild sage and downed pine boughs and then steam … Continue reading


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The Price of Whiskey in America

As a whiskey aficionado of limited means, the price of things is constantly on my mind. So when I picked up a bottle of Old Forester Signature bourbon at my neighborhood liquor store for $39, I didn’t take it lightly. … Continue reading

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My Take on Niche Fragrances in the Globe & Mail

Back in October, I was contacted by a writer for Toronto’s Globe & Mail who asked if I’d comment for a story he was writing about men’s fragrances. We had a short flurry of emails and I answered some basic … Continue reading

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