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Derek Brown Shows Chainsaw Skills with a Cocktail Created for Lost Boys DC

Occasionally, my day job covering men’s clothing for a trade magazine and this blog collide in unexpected ways. In the latest example, a Washington, D.C. menswear store that one of my colleagues has written about a number of times has … Continue reading

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The Macallan Ice Ball Machine and Other Ice Sphere Tools

I first saw the Macallan Ice Ball Machine demonstrated at one of the scotch maker’s Raise the Macallan events. It’s an ingenious contraption that uses the weight and ambient heat of its metal construction to melt a large ice cube … Continue reading

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The Smoking Gun

Could this be the new way to make smoked cocktails? I learned about the Smoking Gun handheld smoker from a reader who commented yesterday. It’s compact, it takes AA batteries, and it blows cool smoke with a little fan and … Continue reading

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Fragrance Exhibits

I’ve been puzzling over Sephora’s “Sensorium,” a 3,700 sq. ft fragrance exhibit in New York’s Meatpacking District. When Sephora’s vice president of retail marketing, Allison Slater, spoke to the New York Times On the Runway blog this week, she said, … Continue reading

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Breuckelen Distilling Co.

When my friend Barney from Fragrant Moments told me about Breuckelen Gin, made in Brooklyn at the borough’s second distillery to open this year, I had to check it out for myself. Like Kings County Distillery, which I covered in … Continue reading

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Charles Bronson and the Scent of Mandom

Ever heard of Mandom? It was–and still is–a line of Japanese cologne and men’s grooming products that Charles Bronson did ads for in the 70s. From what I’ve gleaned from a combination of Japanese and Indonesian corporate sites, along with … Continue reading

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