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The Old Bay Ridge Cocktail

Aquavit is notoriously difficult to mix. Maybe it shouldn’t be — it’s not so far off from gin — but ask your average cocktail enthusiast for the name of a good aquavit cocktail and he or she might pause and … Continue reading

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The Scotch and Soda Variations

In China, scotch is often paired with green tea on ice (something the UK’s Telegraph was calling new in 2007). In Brazil, they add coconut water. These odd styles of enjoying scotch are charming, innovative examples of non-European cultures making … Continue reading

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David Wondrich: What Your Drink Order Says About You

Cocktail historian David Wondrich, author of recent books on punch and on the legendary bartender Jerry Thomas, had a nice little essay on Gourmet.com listing what various drink orders might say about you. Here’s a couple of my favorites: Location: … Continue reading

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More easy summer cocktails

Following up on the New York Times article about simple summer drinks, the paper asked readers for their favorites via the Diner’s Journal blog. Readers responded in the comments and Twitter. I wholeheartedly agree with the first tweet, which advocated … Continue reading

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Last night’s Drink.Think event of readings by beverage and cocktail writers was great fun. The readings, the second organized by writer Kara Newman (a cocktail blogger and author of a spicy cocktail recipe book), were held in a cramped side … Continue reading

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Ambergris as a Cocktail Ingredient

I was all excited when I started reading Derek Brown’s post on the Atlantic‘s Drinking blogs about ambergris as a cocktail ingredient until I read this part: Grate 5 grams of Ambergris (please keep in mind that this is approximately … Continue reading

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End-of-the-Year Cocktail List #2: Favorite Cocktails at Home

photo: Morgan Sheff As I wrote yesterday, I’ll be posting a few end-of-the-year lists in the cocktail category. In the first list, I talked about the best drinks that I’d had out at New York City bars over the last … Continue reading

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Drinking Out: The Violent Bear at JakeWalk

I finally made it to JakeWalk, one of a string of great cocktail bars on Smith Street in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood. This was the bar pictured in Frank Bruni’s New York Times piece about punch and its champion, David … Continue reading

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Drinking Out: Punch at Prime Meats

When the F train isn’t running in Brooklyn, everything slows down. After a long walk down Court Street from Atlantic—a distance that covered two closed subway stations—what I wanted most from Prime Meats was a cozy bar stool. Alas, there … Continue reading

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The Experts: F. Paul Pacult on Jim Beam

I’ve got two great reference books that I keep returning to, one for liquor and one for fragrance. The liquor guide, F. Paul Pacult’s Kindred Spirits 2 ($50, 652p.) is a recent purchase, one recommended to me by David Wondrich. … Continue reading

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