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Elements Showcase, A Different Kind of Fragrance Show

I’m excited about the second round of the new fragrance trade show, Elements Showcase, next Monday and Tuesday here in New York. The first one, in January, was a revelation: unlike other trade shows, there was grid of aisles, nor … Continue reading

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Trying to Rank Great Cognacs

As a whiskey drinker, I’m always surprised at my first sip of cognac: it’s really smooth. Taste a succession of increasingly older and more expensive cognacs, and that smoothness will increase accordingly. At Liquor.com’s cognac tasting at the Brandy Library … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Cognac Tasting: The $50 Sip of Louis XIII

The moment most of us were waiting for at last night’s cognac tasting at the Brandy Library in TriBeCa was the pouring of tiny shares of a $2,000 bottle of Rémy Martin Louis XIII cognac. The event, organized by Liquor.com, … Continue reading

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