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First Smell: Jeux de Peau by Serge Lutens

As I walked into a cafe this morning to get a cup of coffee, I smelled fresh-baked buttery croissants. This is not terribly far from the smell of Serge Lutens’ latest (February 2011) fragrance, Jeux de Peau. In fact, when … Continue reading

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Brooklyn’s Two Gins

Earlier this year, I was in my neighborhood liquor store in Brooklyn, chatting with one of the owners. “Have you tried Brooklyn Gin yet?” he asked. I had, I told him, and I’d even bought a bottle after touring the … Continue reading

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International Smokey Cocktails

Singapore has some really expensive bars. Reading Kara Newman’s piece for Reuters on where to drink in Singapore for the business traveler, I was intrigued by a bar called the Tippling Club. Apparently, a Singapore restaurateur got a celebrated Australian … Continue reading

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Reverse Engineered: The Bittered Sling at Heaven’s Dog

When I was in San Francisco last month, one of the cocktail bars I made a point of going to was Heaven’s Dog, an offshoot of The Slanted Door, a restaurant and bar that was recommended to me numerous times. … Continue reading

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The Magic of Smoked Agave Syrup

My obsession with the aroma and flavor of smoke has led me to some great scotches and mezcals, a smoked beer from Germany, an array of mostly disappointing bottles of liquid smoke flavoring, and a variety of smoky colognes. I … Continue reading

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More New Orleans Cocktails

This cocktail comes from Washington Post columnist and Boozehound author Jason Wilson, from an article on Mardi Gras cocktails. It’s called a Cajun Lemonade, and this recipe makes eight servings: 12oz. cachaca 4oz. Pimm’s No 1 8oz. freshly squeezed lemon … Continue reading

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The Brooklyn Bitters Boom

After trying some of A.B. Smeby Bittering Co.’s bitters at Thistle Hill Tavern last weekend, I remembered another Brooklyn bitters business, one I read about on Kara Newman’s blog, called Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters. Were there others? I thought I’d read … Continue reading

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Caswell-Massey’s Number Six Cologne

Caswell-Massey’s Number Six is a notable fragrance on many levels. First, and most obviously, it’s affordable: only $30 for three ounces. As I’ve said before, a company with such a rich history could easily sell this for twice that. It … Continue reading

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Drinking Out: Thistle Hill Tavern

The first time I tried to have a seat at the bar at Park Slope’s Thistle Hill Tavern, I was foiled by a woman who shuffled in front of me and claimed the last two empty seats for her and … Continue reading

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Gothamist talks to PDT’s Jim Meehan

Now that Gothamist has posted an interview with PDT co-owner Jim Meehan, it will be even harder to get into the small East Village bar. Meehan talked at length about how he and the owners of Crif Dogs, the hot … Continue reading

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