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My Take on Niche Fragrances in the Globe & Mail

Back in October, I was contacted by a writer for Toronto’s Globe & Mail who asked if I’d comment for a story he was writing about men’s fragrances. We had a short flurry of emails and I answered some basic … Continue reading

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The Infamous Bone Luge

It was one of those cocktail microtrends that seemed somehow dated and irritating within days after I first learned about it — even while it sounded kind of alluring. The bone luge phenomenon, in which you pour yourself a shot … Continue reading

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How to choose a cocktail muddler

It’s easy: whatever you do, don’t get a varnished wood muddler. A surprising number of the muddlers I see in stores and online are made like this. I even see them in bars. I made this mistake a few years … Continue reading

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The Magic of Smoked Agave Syrup

My obsession with the aroma and flavor of smoke has led me to some great scotches and mezcals, a smoked beer from Germany, an array of mostly disappointing bottles of liquid smoke flavoring, and a variety of smoky colognes. I … Continue reading

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On Building a Home Liquor Cabinet: Substitutions and Missing Ingredients

Plenty of people have written about the home bar staples, which typically include whiskey (sometimes rye and maybe scotch), gin, vodka (although a cocktail enthusiast may find relatively few recipes that need it), rum, and tequila. Add to that some … Continue reading


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How To: Chandler Burr on Wearing Cologne

GQ‘s scent critic Chandler Burr (who also writes for the New York Times) had ten bits of cologne-wearing advice in the September issue. Here they are, in truncated form, with my commentary in italics. 1. Do not–no matter what anyone … Continue reading

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