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In Praise of Malamatina, the Greek resinated wine

I’d heard of the Greek style of wine called Retsina before, but I didn’t know there was anything that made it unique. I shared a little bottle of it with some friends at a fantastic Greek restaurant in Astoria, Queens … Continue reading

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Per Capita Beverage Consumption

Advertising Age, in a story today about Americans’ drinking habits, reported that soft drinks are still the most consumed beverage in the country, followed by bottled water and then beer. Distilled spirits as a category has gained since 2005, with … Continue reading


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Wine Service Nightmares

After my post yesterday about sommeliers and distillers with limited experience, I spotted a nice long post on the New York Times site from wine critic Eric Asimov, in which he shared a couple of bad wine service tales. In … Continue reading

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Four Loko vs. Buckfast

I have to admit, all of the drama around Four Loko, the fruity caffeinated malt liquor, has been really entertaining. From the horror stories, told gravely in the news and gleefully in the reader-contributed to the step-by-step instructions for … Continue reading

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