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Beard Oil: MCMC’s Number One Dude

When I wrote about beard oil last July (see What is Beard Oil and Why Do You Need it?), little did I know that it would be my most widely read post of the year. In fact, just today it … Continue reading

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Aesop’s Incredibly Good Smelling Hand Soap

Every once in a while, I smell something so bewitching that I can’t stop going back to it over and over. Twice in recent memory, this happened with a hand soap. Consequently, I end up walking around compulsively smelling my … Continue reading

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Imperial: From the Barber Shop to the Medicine Cabinet

A few weeks ago, I had a great conversation with Bryan Fisher of Imperial Barber Grade Products at the Capsule trade show in Las Vegas that led to a phone interview for my day job at MR Magazine, a menswear … Continue reading

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