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Elements Showcase Recap

I only heard the sound of breaking glass once on the polished concrete floor of the Elements Showcase fragrance trade show, and mercifully, it was the tinkle of a sample vial. It’s funny, but that possibility—glass bottles full of perfume … Continue reading

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The Bronchitini

I invented a cocktail in October of 2009 that I called the Bronchitini, a gin martini with a splash of cough syrup. It’s better than it sounds, honest. I wrote about it on another blog back then, and I figured … Continue reading

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Drinking Out: Woodford Reserve Bourbon on Delta Airlines

Whenever I fly, I buy myself a little bottle of whiskey and drink it slowly on ice about midway through the flight. My standby is Jack Daniels, which I like but don’t love, and I’ll occasionally switch it up with … Continue reading

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Ambergris as a Cocktail Ingredient

I was all excited when I started reading Derek Brown’s post on the Atlantic‘s Drinking blogs about ambergris as a cocktail ingredient until I read this part: Grate 5 grams of Ambergris (please keep in mind that this is approximately … Continue reading

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What Kind of Cocktail Do You Order at an Un-Cocktail Bar?

What do you order in a bar that may not make a careful cocktail? You know what I mean: not every bartender will know how to make a good Martinez, or even a Sidecar. But a lot of bars won’t … Continue reading

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Paestum Rose: A contemporary rose fit for a man

Paestum, for which Paestum Rose is named, is a small town on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, near Naples. It was an ancient Greek city, later conquered by Romans, and it still has the columned temples as evidence. I’ve read that the … Continue reading

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Drinking Out: The Louisville Cathouse at Clover Club

After the holidays, after a couple weeks of frantic catching up at work and then a hasty weekend trip for wedding, followed by more feverish catching up at work, I finally had time to go out for a drink. Clover … Continue reading

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First Smell: Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

I sprayed Molecule 01 on a test strip at Aedes de Vensutas, the West Village perfume shop, last weekend, and I couldn’t smell a thing. It was displayed at the front counter, and the man behind the register explained that … Continue reading

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Wine Service Nightmares

After my post yesterday about sommeliers and distillers with limited experience, I spotted a nice long post on the New York Times site from wine critic Eric Asimov, in which he shared a couple of bad wine service tales. In … Continue reading

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First Smell: Nightscape by Ulrich Lang New York

I got a sample of this months ago, and I don’t know why I haven’t bothered to try it on. When my friend Barney at Fragrant Moments told me about the upcoming fragrance tradeshow Elements Showcase, we noticed that Ulrich … Continue reading

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