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First Smell: Providence Perfume Co.’s Cocoa Tuberose

I’m not normally fond of gourmand fragrances—at their worst they can be like getting the smell of food stuck in your clothes after too long in the kitchen. So I was caught off guard when someone handed me a test … Continue reading

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Bushmills Sign Painters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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The Macallan Ice Ball Machine and Other Ice Sphere Tools

I first saw the Macallan Ice Ball Machine demonstrated at one of the scotch maker’s Raise the Macallan events. It’s an ingenious contraption that uses the weight and ambient heat of its metal construction to melt a large ice cube … Continue reading

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Spent Musket Oil Cologne by BKLYN Dry Goods

Jahn Hall and Kurt Uhlendorf of BKLYN Dry Goods are an odd pair: Hall is a tall, burly guy who’s never without a disarming grin and Uhlendorf is a slighter, shorter, thoughtful-looking guy. Their business, BKLYN Dry Goods, is an … Continue reading

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Kings County Chocolate Whiskey

Kings County Distillery, the small Williamsburg, Brooklyn operation that boasts the distinction of being the first legal liquor distillery to open in New York City since Prohibition, has come up with something exceptional: chocolate whiskey. I didn’t know I needed … Continue reading

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How to Write About Something You Don’t Like: Part One

It once bothered me that so many fellow bloggers didn’t post negative reviews, particularly in the fragrance world. If we all love everything, aren’t we just creating free marketing and advertising for the fragrance companies? How are we credible if … Continue reading

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