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A Pimm’s Cup for the Weekend

I’ve been trying to come up with some great Independence Day weekend cocktails to make for friends at a backyard barbecue/pool party, and I settled on the simple but rewarding Live Basil Gimlet (1.5oz. gin, five muddled basil leaves, half … Continue reading

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Denise Hamilton on Scents that Evoke Bodily Fluids

Denise Hamilton, the crime novelist who write the “Uncommon Scents” fragrance column for the L.A. Times, has a new piece on “scents that evoke bodily fluids.” Naturally, Etat Libre d’Orange’s infamous Sécrétions Magnifiques figures prominently here: “When I asked Etienne … Continue reading

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Per Capita Beverage Consumption

Advertising Age, in a story today about Americans’ drinking habits, reported that soft drinks are still the most consumed beverage in the country, followed by bottled water and then beer. Distilled spirits as a category has gained since 2005, with … Continue reading

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The BBC’s Four-Part Documentary on Fragrances

The BBC is airing the first of a four-part documentary on the fragrance business today, but those of us in the U.S. market cannot watch it. Not on BBC America, not on the BBC website. Here’s the description of the … Continue reading

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Drinking Out: Brooklyn Brewery’s Concoction at Beer Table

Every time I go into Beer Table, a little bar with high tables, a small list of well-prepared dishes, and an incredible beer list in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I have to ask about every beer on tap. The six or … Continue reading

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More easy summer cocktails

Following up on the New York Times article about simple summer drinks, the paper asked readers for their favorites via the Diner’s Journal blog. Readers responded in the comments and Twitter. I wholeheartedly agree with the first tweet, which advocated … Continue reading

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PKNY Shut Down?

Eater is reporting that PKNY, the bar formerly known as Painkiller, has been shut down by the Department of Health. Rumor is the bar (which got a nasty low grade after a health inspection shortly after Pusser’s rum forced them … Continue reading

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The Times on Simple Refreshing Cocktails

If there’s one thing the home bartender needs, it’s great cocktail recipes that don’t call for too many ingredients. The New York Times article, Summer Cocktails Made Simpler, celebrates such drinks. Robert Willey writes, “No matter how refreshing the payoff, … Continue reading

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Learning to Detect the Notes

When I took a wine vocabulary class a couple years ago, I was totally flummoxed by some of the more complex wines. How can anyone detect individual notes in something so harmonious? Part of it is a symptom of modern … Continue reading

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Pusser’s Rum Issues a Statement

Pusser’s, the British Virgin Islands rum brand that sued Painkiller, a New York bar, over its name and namesake drink, has issued a statement after incurring the wrath of bartenders and liquor bloggers all over the U.S. Founder and CEO … Continue reading

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