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Chandler Burr on the Perfume Industry

Here’s Chandler Burr, perfume critic for the New York Times, and author of The Perfect Scent and The Emperor of Scent, speaking at the Thinking Digital Conference last year. (Via My Perfume Life on Twitter.)

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The Experts: Luca Turin on 1740 by Histoires de Parfums

As I mentioned last weekend, I have two indispensable reference books that I keep re-reading, one on spirits and the other on fragrance. The latter is of course Perfumes: The A to Z Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez. … Continue reading

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Dueling Perfume Reviews

Critics don’t always agree. The Lush spinoff brand B Never Too Busy To B Beautiful is now defunct, but I couldn’t help digging up these two opposing reviews of the boldly named perfume, “Breath of God.” First, Hadley Freeman writing … Continue reading


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The Experts: F. Paul Pacult on Jim Beam

I’ve got two great reference books that I keep returning to, one for liquor and one for fragrance. The liquor guide, F. Paul Pacult’s Kindred Spirits 2 ($50, 652p.) is a recent purchase, one recommended to me by David Wondrich. … Continue reading

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